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Feature / Chart Free Trial Core Interval Intensity
My Dashboard - Revenue
My Dashboard - Attendance
My Dashboard - Marketing*
My Dashboard - Membership* (with At Risk Members)
Sales Revenue - Total Revenue
Sales Revenue - Total Sales Revenue
Sales Revenue - Service Sales*
Sales Revenue - Product Sales*
Attendance - Active Clients
Attendance - Total Visits
Attendance - Average Number of Visits
Attendance - Average Class Size by Instructor or Day or Time
Attendance - Capacity per Class
Attendance - Class Performance
Retention - Customer Retention Heatmap
Retention - Funnel Retention*
Retention - Introductory Offer Retention*
Retention - Introductory Offers Converted to Recurring Revenue*
Retention - No Visit After First Visit
Marketing - Lead Conversion Rate
Marketing - Intro Revenue*
Marketing - Number of Intros Sold*
Marketing - Referral by Source*
Marketing - Total Revenue by Referral Source*
Earned Revenue - By Location*
Earned Revenue - Total*
Earned Revenue - By Visit Per Pricing Option*
Earned Revenue - By Visit*
Membership - Members*
Membership - Breakdown*
Membership - Zero Visit Members*
Membership - Member Heat Map*
Membership - Recurring Revenue and Items Processed*
Membership - Recurring Revenue as a % of all Service Revenue*
Custom Analytics & Insights - Specific To Your Business Needs✝

*This feature requires mapping your MINDBODY data to our system.

✝One-time setup fee required for custom analytics. Fee based on analytics requested, contact us for estimate at or call 805.548.1100 x1.

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